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We specialize in manufacturing high-quality rotary and milling parts, high-precision machine components and assemblies.

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Competencies Overview of the Offer

CNC- Luft & Raumfahrt

CNC - High Precision

We specialize in processing complex, high-quality rotary and milling parts. As machining specialist, we manufacture high-precision machine components, complete assemblies and rotationally symmetrical geometries from all metals and synthetics on up-to-date 3- and 5- axis machining centers according to client´s order. At that prototypes, small, medium and large series can be produced.

3D-Druck Metall & Kunststoff

3D-print Metal & plastic

As a highly innovative company, we keep investing in the latest technologies for production optimization and automation. We are one of the first companies who offer metalparts, printed by the Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing Verfahren (ADAM) of Markforged. Additionally we have the plastic 3D print with the Fused Filament Fabrication process (FFF), in which an additional continuous fiber made of carbon or glass fiber can be imprinted.

CNC - High Precision

CNC- aerospace

The aerospace industry places highes demands on quality, safety and reliability. In Order to guarantee all performance demands for the components processed by us, we certified a sub-area of "Harald Böhl GmbH" according to EN 9100. By fulfilling the requirements of EN 9100, we guarantee our own standards of maximum quality, customer satisfaction and future-oriented commitment.


Fixture construction

Exceptional manufacturing strategies, effective and cost-saving, our special core competence for the machining of highly complex geometries: The development and construction of intelligent clamping devices that enable more efficient production and thus attractive prices.

Technical equipment Modern machine park

Our modern machine park has an average age of approx. 3 years. The majority of all machines are equipped with additional automation: pallet change, bar feed, gantry loader, robo-job and -cobot.

Zwölf 5-Achs- Bearbeitungszentren

Twelve 5-Axis- machining centers

High PRECISION - In this production area we are certified according to EN 9100. This is where customer parts emerge that meet the highest demands in terms of precision, complex geometries and material (cast titanium).

Eight 4-Axis-rotary- and milling centers

High RELIABILITY - These machining centers are used for medium to large series of precise, rotationally symmetrical components. This allows us to guarantee a continuous and consistent precision and quality, even at high volumes. For efficient operation these facilities are equipped with portal & bar feed.

Fünf Multitasking Dreh-Fräszentren

Five Multitasking rotary- and milling centers

High EFFICIENCY – Precise, rotationally symmetrical components that require additional milling processing. We process complex rotary and milling parts highly efficient on these machines for medium lot sizes of components.

Fünf Pick Up Dreh-Fräszentren

Five Pick Up rotary- and milling centers

High SPEED - The pick-up technology enables the production of rotationally symmetrical components with metal cutting. With the main spindle the sawn, forged or cast blanks are automatically picked up, processed, and placed back on the conveyor belt after processing. A simple and effective automation.

Products Innovative solutions for greater effectivity

Der Magnetgreifer

The magnetic clutch

The magnetic clutch is used for turning off / releasing and lifting workpieces that are milled from solid or from a bar. This takes place during the running CNC process and replaces entirely the removal of the finished workpieces by the operator by hand. In this way, the process remains closed, downtimes are avoided and operators are relieved.

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Automation & Elektrotechnik

Automation & electrical engineering

With a team of 8 employees, we offer electrical and automation technology. We pool the expertise of engineers and technicians from the fields of project management, planning, control cabinet constuction, installation of facilities and machinery and programming of facility automation - nationwide.

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Patented fastening solutions

The internal tensioning screw! No question about it, this mechanical fastening solution was and is a small sensation that has even earned us awards and prizes. It has now become an integral part of many applications. So to say "the most exciting screw in the world".

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Enterprise Innovative metal processing and services

In three decades, we have established ourselves as an innovative and always reliable partner for well-known customers. By host of experience, high vertical range of manufacture, solution-oriented thinking and the important certifications, habö CNC turning and milling technology is the partner for your products.

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